Friday, April 10, 2009

Not much going on at Hidden Pond creatively these days. I did make a felted bag for one of my clients. An 89 year old, gorgeous and sweet woman who was celebrating her 70th...yes that's 70 years, anniversary with her 94 year old husband. Her granddaughter bought her this beautiful brocade jacket that was rust and cream and brown/black...just beautiful. I had shown her some of my bags - and she loved them! Thought I should head to NYC to find a shop to sell them! So I made her a bag with the colors of her jacket and brought it to her on the day of the party! She was so touched....teary! I am heading back there tomorrow to work and will find out all about the party. Working with these seniors is inspiring to makes me feel at 50 that I have only lived 1/2 my life...that's exciting.

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