Sunday, May 3, 2009

Creative Respite

Things at hidden pond are quiet inside...outside however, the birds are back, flowers are starting, grass is greening! We love this time here at our little piece of paradise. I've been purging and organizing and cleaning to get our house back on the market this week. As the weather warms, it gets harder and harder to be inside sewing or anything else.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Not much going on at Hidden Pond creatively these days. I did make a felted bag for one of my clients. An 89 year old, gorgeous and sweet woman who was celebrating her 70th...yes that's 70 years, anniversary with her 94 year old husband. Her granddaughter bought her this beautiful brocade jacket that was rust and cream and brown/black...just beautiful. I had shown her some of my bags - and she loved them! Thought I should head to NYC to find a shop to sell them! So I made her a bag with the colors of her jacket and brought it to her on the day of the party! She was so touched....teary! I am heading back there tomorrow to work and will find out all about the party. Working with these seniors is inspiring to makes me feel at 50 that I have only lived 1/2 my life...that's exciting.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

This is another bag created for my friend is crocheted and machine felted with black wool yarn and then lined with a lovely green/black silk dress that was her mom's. I hand beaded a spiral rope handle and then did my first try at the "triangle fringe bead" on the flap. It really turned out nicely and my friend loved it. I'm wondering if she gave it to her mom, niece, sister, daughter...or kept it for herself! What a great idea to re-create heirlooms from vintage dresses hanging in the closet never to be seen again!

This bag is an heirloom! My friend Sue gave me a dress that her 80 year old mom wore as a young woman! Along with another beautiful silk dress, this velvet dream was hanging in my friends closet, and she gave it to me to "recycle" into handbags to be used, enjoyed, treasured and loved. We took this velvet dress and made this little pouch bag, and then did a double row of hand beaded fringe with a picot beading along the top. It turned out to be absolutely gorgeous...and certainly an heirloom to be handed down the Hodges/Stone lineage. My friend was touched and thrilled to see, feel and own the bag!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

This little sweetheart is crocheted and machine felted in a lovely blue with "fun fur" multi at the top. The flap has a magnetic closure and sea glass embellisment. It's lined with a cotton exploding with cardinals, chickadees and bluebirds...very springlike. I love the process of starting with a ball of yarn and crochet hook or needles...seeing what shape emerges and then from there, throwing it in the washing machine to see what comes out! The color and shape dictate to me the lining, embellisments and handles...every bag is unique and fun and flirty. Any felters out there, share your secrets and thoughts!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Finished bags

My friend Di and I finished our custom order for bags recreated from a friend's vintage dress. I'm excited to show my friend the results. Pics to come!