Friday, February 27, 2009

Today was working on a felted bag in cream. I'm doing my first bead fringe and it's harder than I imagined. Man, that thread can knot and catch and do about anything different than it's supposed to. Also sat in a traffic jam that took an hour to get about 5 miles. I pulled out my knitting and passed the time with that. 46 degrees today! yahoo...and the time changes next week. Spring is approaching.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beading Fun

Today was a beading day. I met a friend at the bead shop to buy the supplies for a lesson in crochet beading. We're both excited to learn. I shared my minimal knowledge of beading with her as we caught up on life. There is something about woman to woman - creating - and sharing our love for creating and experimenting. Special moments.

Snowstorm in Maine

Another day without power. It certainly makes one appreciate the everyday conveniences we are accustomed to. Thank Goodness for generators!

During one absence of power, but lovely sunshine, I lined a felted bag that a girlfriend and I made as a custom order for a friend. It is so sweet! We have several other bags under construction using vintage dresses that her mom wore over 40 years ago. What a great way to recycle and reuse a treasure - creating an heirloom to use with love.

We also finished a gorgeous purple felted bag that sold today!